House-hunting personality test

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I recently had the great fortune to become acquainted with Danielle LaPorte, co-author of a book called "Style Statement." The book's purpose is to lead each reader through a series of questions resulting in a unique, two-word style statement. A style statement describes your personal style, and according to the book, "define(s) the true you ... Your style statement is where your essence meets your expression." Sample style statements from the book include "Enduring Bold," "Sacred Elegance" and "Structured Soul." Intrigued by the prospect of capturing something as holistic as one's personal style with such nuance and depth in two simple (but carefully chosen) words, I was reminded of this style statement idea the other day when working with several different sets of clients: buyers and sellers.It occurred to me that there are distinctive types of buyers and sellers, profiles or templates for their pre-contract real estate beh...