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Real estate can be a lonely place

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My husband was talking to another agent about the latest drama in our little real estate neighborhood. It involved one more in the steady stream of personnel changes we have become accustomed to in this market. "Did you hear that (Agent 'X') left (Company 'A') to team up with (Agent 'Y') at (Company 'B')?" he asked. Agents change logos all the time; this is nothing new. In a challenging market like ours, in fact, the anomalies are the agents who actually stay put. It's that grass-is-greener syndrome, and right now, we are all staring at some pretty brown turf. First, there are simply too many agents chasing too few customers. According to the Census Bureau, the number of people moving last year was the lowest since 1962 -- when our country had 120 million fewer people. Now consider, and I haven't thoroughly researched this, that there are 982 quadrillion more licensed agents than there were back when Walter Cronkite was anchoring the evening news. That's some toug...