Little house of septic system horrors

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DEAR BARRY: We bought our home about two years ago, and everyone said the septic system was OK. This was the first home we ever owned with a septic tank, so we didn't know any better. A plumber was hired to inspect it, and no problems were found. But last week, the water main broke, the tank got flooded, and sewage backed up into the house. That's when we learned that the septic tank is under the concrete floor in the garage, the tank is collapsing, the leach field is under the driveway, and the water main is over the tank. So now we are living in a hotel because our house has no water or sewage system. We feel that someone -- the sellers, our agent or the septic inspector -- should have disclosed this mess before we bought the property. Who is responsible for this mess, and what can we do about it? --Cheri DEAR CHERI: A proper septic inspection should have been done before you purchased this property, and that is clearly not what happened. A septic inspection requires s...