Favoring families over frat boys

Rent it Right

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Q: For the past three years, we have been renting out our summer cottage for two- or three-day overnight periods to a group of university boys. We were given their Greek name, which we interpreted to be a Greek honorary group. This is a relatively new fraternity and when we began renting to them, we could find little information about them. During a recent rental, our neighbors became concerned because the boys were conducting some kind of a ritual on our deck involving chanting, robes and candles (I believe it was a new membership ceremony). We now know that this is a fraternity for gay, homosexual and progressive men. We are uncomfortable with the activity that goes on when they rent. We do not feel they were totally honest with us about their fraternity when they first started renting. Is it illegal to tell them that our summer home is now only for family vacationers? --Marilyn and Don H. A: When I began reading your question, I was sure I was going to hear the famili...