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Realtor to a tee gets celebrity boost

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It might not qualify as the most famous T-shirt in the world, but it brought Rogers Healy his 15 minutes of fame, and then some. That would be the shirt emblazoned with "Rogers Healy is my Realtor" that Britney Spears chose to wear while sashaying around Los Angeles one day in 2007 with her usual paparazzi entourage. A Spears-and-shirt photo ended up in People magazine. "I don't know Britney Spears, I never met Britney Spears," says Healy, who wasn't, in fact, her Realtor. Not that it mattered much. The Dallas brokerage owner says he reaped priceless public attention -- and a fair amount of business -- from the Spears incident and dozens of other celebrity-meets-shirt moments he has engineered. "I've never been afraid to self-promote -- it's in my personality," says the 29-year-old entrepreneur, who did a stint in Hollywood before coming back to his native Dallas to found his own real estate company. That instinct, plus his passion for his b...