Buyers master contingent-sale offers

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Most repeat homebuyers don't like selling their current home until they know where they're going. However, most repeat homebuyers can't qualify to buy before selling. So, how do you structure a contingent-sale offer so you get what you want without being homeless? Sellers prefer offers that aren't contingent on the sale of another property. If the buyers' home doesn't sell, they can't buy the sellers' home -- and the sellers are stuck looking for another buyer. As buyers, you should structure your offer so that it is both attractive to the sellers and accomplishes your goals. In some cases, this may mean paying a higher price than you would if your offer wasn't contingent on your home selling. Recently, buyers from San Francisco wanted to buy a house across the bay in Piedmont that had been on the market for several months. They made an offer contingent on the sale of their San Francisco home. The seller accepted but insisted that the buyers pay the list price. The buyers ...