Putting a price on foundation repairs

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DEAR BARRY: I found a house that I really like, but the home inspection report says there may be foundation problems. How can I determine the cost to fix the foundation, if in fact it does need to be fixed? --Norma DEAR NORMA: The cost of foundation repairs depends entirely upon the kind of problem and the extent of the problem that was reported by the inspector. There are foundation repairs that cost $1,000, such as settled piers that need to be repositioned or cripple walls that are not braced. On the other extreme, there are foundation repairs that cost $100,000 and more, such as major building settlement or substandard construction. You need to discuss this issue in detail with the home inspector. If foundation problems were found, what exactly did the inspector see? Were there large cracks in the concrete? Were there gaps between the foundations and the framing? Was there evidence of ground subsidence? Home inspectors sometimes fail to provide specifics, and such de...