New inspector seeks foot in the door

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Dear Barry: As a marketing and advertising professional, I have been assisting my husband to build his new business as a professional home inspector. But it has been more difficult to market his services than those of my other clients. How do I crack this nut and get him more inspection referrals and inspection customers? Do you have any suggestions? --Karen Dear Karen: You have made a rare discovery, usually known only to successful home inspectors: Marketing a home inspection business is different than marketing any other product or service. It cannot be done with public advertising because homebuyers seldom select their own home inspector. In most cases, they rely on referrals from real estate agents. Marketing, therefore, must be targeted toward Realtors, and it must be done on a personalized basis. Marketing to Realtors requires an understanding of the differing interests that motivate agents in their choosing of home inspectors. Some agents appreciate highly detailed...