No renters insurance, no brain

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Q: While my son and his girlfriend were visiting us over the holidays, a water main in their apartment burst and flooded their apartment. All of their possessions -- clothes, furniture, everything -- were ruined by the water or the resulting mold. Is the landlord responsible for replacing these items? --Sharon P. A: If your son had renters insurance, the answer to your question would be short and sweet: Call the agent and file a claim. Renters insurance, which typically costs just a few hundred dollars a year, will cover the damage you've described. But since you didn't mention it, I'll assume there's no insurance to cover the damage. Then, the answer to your question depends on why the water main broke -- and more specifically, who's responsible.The main itself is under the control of the landlord, as are other major elements of the building and its systems. If the break resulted from the landlord failing to maintain it, one could argue that the landlord was negligent. F...