Paying for inspector's mold mistake

There's more to patch job than meets the eye

DEAR BARRY: Before I bought my home, I attended the home inspection. In the master bathroom, I pointed out a defect on the outside of the stall shower. The wall appeared to be roughly patched. The inspector said it was probably caused by seepage at the shower door. Then he turned to the seller and asked if there had been any leaks. The owner said, "No."

So the inspector made no further investigation, and no mention of it appeared in his report. But last week, a tile fell from the shower wall and revealed the soaked and moldy drywall and insulation inside.

If the inspector had taken time to look, he would have found water stains and mold in the cabinet next to the shower. The inside of the cabinet was so wet that the seller must have known there was a leak. So now I’m stuck with thousands of dollars in repairs because my home inspector listened to the seller instead of doing his job. What should I do? –Pamela