Does racism threat justify lease-breaking?

Rent it Right

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Q: We live in a multifamily community whose management assures us that they take their screening duties very seriously (the result, perhaps, of a crime committed by a resident a couple of years ago). They claim that they hire a screening company, that they check "every legitimate source" of information on an applicant. We know they look on the Internet -- when the manager gave us the keys, he complimented us on the photos on our family Facebook page! But the guy who moved in next door must not have been screened -- his blog goes back years, filled with racist rants. As members of one of the races whom he hates, we feel very uncomfortable living near him, and would like to break our lease and move. Can we do so legally? --Bill and Janelle P. A: Tenants may break their leases and leave when the landlord fails to honor explicit, important promises made before the lease was signed. For example, a promise made during a tour that the pool will be up and running by sum...