A simple guide to home seller disclosure

Reveal 'material facts' to avoid legal troubles

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How would you like to find out after you've closed and moved into your new home that the basement is rat-infested? You call a local pest company and discover that the sellers hired the company to treat the house for rat intrusion. Pest infestation might not be a material fact to all buyers. A material fact is one that would affect whether or not buyers would buy a property or the price they'd be willing to pay.However, most buyers would be annoyed at the least that the sellers hadn't informed them in advance that the property had a condition that required routine maintenance. It could also make the buyers suspicious that the sellers may have withheld other information. Home-seller disclosure laws vary from state to state, although most states require disclosure of material facts. Check with your real estate broker or attorney for information about disclosure requirements before you put your home on the market. Sellers often fear that if they disclose too much, buyers won't...