Finding fix for septic smell

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DEAR BARRY: We sold our previous home about eight years ago but have continued to live just a few doors away. A few years ago, a trash truck got stuck in the mud at the edge of that property and damaged the leach lines in the septic system. The broken pipes were sticking out of the ground, so the owner pulled them up and threw them away. Since then, smelly water from the septic tank drains onto the street. The house has been sold since then, and the new owners refuse to fix the problem. They say the county has determined that the water is from a broken sprinkler pipe, not the septic. But that can't be true because the smell on our street is awful. Is there anything we can do? --Lisa DEAR LISA: The county has an obligation to investigate your complaint rather than dismissing it out of hand as a broken sprinkler pipe. If county officials are not awakened by your reasonable concerns, a letter from an attorney might arouse their interest. You should consult an attorney who sp...