Is inspector responsible for every little defect?

Buyers seek recourse after discovering issues with window, fridge

DEAR BARRY: Our home inspector did a pretty good job when we were buying our house, but after moving in, we found two problems that he missed. One of the window frames is cracked, and the ice dispenser in our refrigerator does not work. These things are obvious and should have been caught by our inspector. Can we ask him for compensation? –Tiffany

DEAR TIFFANY: If the window damage was clearly visible on the day of the inspection, you can ask your inspector to take a second look. But try to see this defect in perspective. Your home inspector spent hours evaluating countless aspects of the property, from electrical to plumbing, roof to foundation, ground drainage to heating system, fireplace and chimney to attic framing and insulation. If he did a "pretty good job," he probably even checked the doors and windows. But no home inspector, not even the best one, can discover every single detail of a house in just a few hours.