Bedbug problem bites at tenant

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Q: One unit in our fourplex has a bedbug problem. The landlord hired an exterminator, who found a bug in two other units, so he recommends treating the entire building. We're going to have to take time off from work to prepare our apartment, then spend a night in a motel. We didn't cause this problem. Shouldn't the landlord reimburse us for the time off work, in addition to our lodging costs? --Natalie B. A: Whether you can fairly (and legally) expect the landlord to cover your expenses depends on whether your state has addressed this situation. Unfortunately, very few have, though that is changing as the bedbugs are once again starting to bite. Maine has brand-new legislation that sensibly tackles this problem (Maine Rev. Stat. Ann. Section 6021-A). The legislation was crafted by a bipartisan group of interested landlords and tenants, and embraced by the governor.Under the law, landlords may not rent infested units; if a unit or adjacent unit is being treated for an infe...