Real estate breakdowns and breakthroughs

Commentary: Turn the table on failures, setbacks

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Editor's note: The following is a guest perspective.What separates the winners from the others? Your success does not depend on how you respond to the good days. Your success depends on how you respond to the bad days.Winners fail. In fact, winners fail more often than others. That's how they become winners. They learn and grow from their failures. What separates the winners from the others is how they respond to their failures and setbacks. Everyone suffers when they fail. After the failure do you get emotional and dwell on it? Of course, we all do that. The key is how long you dwell on it and what you do next to get past it. Winners suffer deeply, but they get objective and refocus quickly. They quickly consider what there is to learn from the failure or setback. They look for patterns and connections to see if there is a systemic problem that can be corrected and lead to a significant improvement. Then they get back into action. They take action on the correction if...