Bargain hunting for a home inspector

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DEAR BARRY: I am buying a home and need to hire a home inspector, but they are so expensive. How can I find an inspector who charges a reasonable price? --Elenor DEAR ELENOR: How would you define a "reasonable price"? Is it the lowest price possible? Or is it a fair price for the quality of service that you receive? Consider what is at stake. You are about to make one of the largest financial investments of your life. You want this to be a good investment, without any negative surprises.You don't want unexpected repair costs after you buy the property. In short, you want the most thorough and experienced home inspector you can find, regardless of price. When people price-shop for a home inspector, they assume that all inspectors provide the same degree of disclosure and that the only difference is price. This is a mistake that has saddled many homebuyers with costly regrets. Home inspectors do not provide equal degrees of disclosure. In fact, the differences from ...