Avoid surprise in as-is purchase

Is seller on the hook for concealed flaws?

DEAR BARRY: We just bought a home and discovered a major undisclosed foundation problem after moving in. The seller insisted on an as-is sale, so we relied on the home inspector to find any serious problems.

In the basement, he noticed old water stains in an alcove that had been paneled and carpeted. We asked the seller to replace the paneling and carpet, but he refused to do any kind of work on the property. So we agreed to replace the stained materials after the sale in exchange for material costs.

But when we removed the paneling, we found a foundation wall that was crumbling and leaning. A contractor friend tells us that the patio will need to be removed and the exterior excavated to enable replacement of this wall. Do we have any recourse with the seller for nondisclosure? –Marci