Mold threat puts lease-option on hold

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DEAR BARRY: I am renting a home with an option to buy, but there are serious mold problems that have badly affected by health. The mold is caused by a leaking pan at the air conditioner in the attic. Water puddles above the bathroom are causing mold to grow on the ceiling and walls. Two months ago, the landlord painted over the mold and cleared the blockage in the A/C pan, but the leaking has continued, and the mold is coming back. My doctor says I have "Sick Building Syndrome" and has advised me to move immediately. What do you recommend? --Tracy DEAR TRACY: If the mold is seriously affecting your health, you should follow your doctor's advice and get out of that environment. The landlord is apparently not interested in permanent solutions to the problem, so why purchase a home that is giving you so much grief? If you choose to remain, here is what needs to be done. The cause of the A/C condensate leakage should be determined by a licensed HVAC contractor. If t...