Home inspector's Halloween tale

A haunting visit by a spooky character

Dear Barry: You never do columns that recognize holidays. Even at Christmas time and the Fourth of July, your articles are always about property defects, real estate disclosure, and home inspections. Now that Halloween is here, how about a spooky house story. Something in keeping with the season. Surely you’ve inspected a few creaky old houses. How about it? –Bram

Dear Bram: Home inspections tend to be business-as-usual events: checking the foundations, roofing, plumbing, electrical wiring, etc.

But there was one inspection that I recall with dread and discomfort; an inspection where property defects ceased to be of concern, where routine was overshadowed by fear, where disclosures were eclipsed by a frenzied struggle to flee the premises.

And it just so happened that this inspection occurred on the eve of Halloween.