Curing commitment-phobic buyers

REThink Real Estate

Q: I find that many would-be buyers would rather continue to rent for the rest of their lives instead of giving up the big-screen TV and BlackBerrys for the family. Ladies don’t want to give up having their nails and hair done often. What do you say to that? –Pam, real estate agent

A: I have been in this business long enough to know what is causing you to be exasperated with the type of homebuyer you describe. I’ve worked with many of these buyers over the years. This is the type of buyer who presents as a real estate agent’s dream client: They know exactly what they want, exactly what they can spend, and exactly what homes will and won’t work for them. But they may house-hunt for a year or even longer, on today’s market, making offers occasionally and getting outbid.

In the end, they get very frustrated when they can’t find what they want in the price range they can "afford."