Buyer to builder: no inspection, no deal

Use leverage to gain access to property pre-closing

DEAR BARRY: We are buying a brand-new home. When we asked about scheduling a home inspection, the builder said, "We cannot have outside inspectors through the home prior to closing due to liability reasons. You can have the home inspection done post-closing and submit all concerns on your 30-day list." This refusal makes us suspicious of their motives. What do you think we should do? –John

DEAR JOHN: Your suspicions are entirely understandable. Refusing to allow a home inspection prior to close is a major red flag. It is not the kind of thing that an honest, reputable contractor or developer would do. The liability excuse, in particular, is preposterous when you consider the number of people who routinely traverse a construction site. Honest builders allow home inspections on site as a matter of course.