Beware of home inspection red flag

If agent won't provide report in a timely manner, think twice about purchase

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DEAR BARRY: When I bought my home, I hired a home inspector recommended by my Realtor. After the inspection, the report was sent to my Realtor, but no copy was ever given to me. I asked for it repeatedly, but she stalled me until the end of the transaction. When I asked the inspector, he told me to get a copy from the agent. So I closed escrow without ever seeing it. After moving in, there were lots of undisclosed problems, such as kitchen appliances that did not work. Finally, I hired another home inspector, and he found problems with the foundation. Since then, the agent refuses to answer my phone calls. What should I do? --Gloria DEAR GLORIA: Any Realtor who would withhold copies of a home inspection report needs a crash course in professional ethics. The same goes for a home inspector who would withhold the report from the buyer who paid for it. It is unfortunate that you did not have someone to advise you prior to the closing. The best advice would have been to stop ...