$100 bathroom makeover

Tips for grouting tiles, painting walls

Q: I’m looking to add a little pizzazz to my bathroom. Since I was recently laid off, I’ve got more time than money. Depending on how the job hunting goes, I may have to sell my home. That’s not in the foreseeable future, but you never know.

My house is about 20 years old. The bath is original — a light-colored Corian countertop with textured white tile on the tub and shower walls. The floor is off-white vinyl with a yellow cast and is in good shape. I’m looking for an inexpensive way to add a little life to my otherwise pedestrian bath.

A: Two really inexpensive things you can do is paint and regrout. You can do the job for around $100 and some elbow grease.

First, tackle the grout. Give the walls a good washing to remove any soap scum or hard-water stains. Use products such as CLR and Lime-A-Way with a "scrubby" to remove stubborn patches.