3 ways to sell real estate in the next 30 days

Perspective: Share your local, hyperlocal market knowledge

People are interested in real estate. For many homeowners, the equity in their home is their greatest asset. Some parents, who would not lend their children money for anything else, will lend them money for a home purchase.

When people know that you are in real estate and they trust you, they will turn to you with questions about real estate. If they don’t know you, they will ask you about real estate to evaluate whether they can place their trust in you.

1. Engage in real estate Q-and-A

So the first easy way to make another sale in the next 30 days is to answer those questions in a way that elicits trust for you and allows you to discover whether they are asking because there is a need.

They may ask you, "How’s the market?" "What’s happening to prices?" "Will (X) or (Y) affect real estate?" (X or Y may be the price of oil, the weather, interest rates, conflicts and disasters around the world, etc.)