Who’s to blame for family room flooding?

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DEAR BARRY: We bought our home about a year ago. When the first rains came, our family room was flooded, and the insurance company refused to pay the claim because the patio was sloped toward the building and because the pavement was above the weep screed on the stucco wall.

We paid a contractor to replace the patio. He sloped it away from the building, but it is still above the weep screed, so rainwater still leaks into the house. Thus far, our costs for flood damage, including mold removal, are nearly $30,000. It seems unfair that we are stuck with these expenses.

Nothing about faulty drainage was mentioned by our home inspector, the termite inspector, the sellers or the real estate agent. The agent recommended the home inspector but now disclaims liability because we were the ones who scheduled the inspection. Is anyone liable for nondisclosure, or are we left holding the bag? --Gary

DEAR GARY: Your situation ra...