A buyer's bad experience with home inspector

Overlooked defects fuel small claims action

DEAR BARRY: Your repeated endorsements of home inspectors should be taken with a large grain of salt. When I bought my home, the inspector reported no problems with the roof, but he never even looked at it. After moving in, it leaked, so I had two roofing contractors check it out. Both said that the roof was totaled.

I called the inspector back to the house and showed him the damaged shingles and the rotted wood in the attic. To my surprise, he admitted that he hadn’t crawled in the attic or walked on the roof during his inspection. He said the seller had assured him that the roof was in good condition.

I filed a small claims action and recovered all but $500 of the cost of roof replacement. My advice to your readers is to hire plumbers, electricians, roofers, etc., rather than wasting money on unqualified home inspectors. –Chad

DEAR CHAD: No one can blame you for being disillusioned after your disappointing home inspection. But don’t let one bad apple turn you against apple pie.

If an incompetent plumber failed to repair a bad leak in your sewer line, you would not conclude that all plumbers are unqualified.