3 commonly overlooked roof repairs

Tips on replacing vents, sealing flashings

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Before winter's bad weather can catch up to you, if you're having any problems with your roof, this is the time to get those repairs out of the way.Even when your shingles appear to be holding their own up there, you could have problems with flashings, attic and plumbing vents, and other penetrations into the house that can allow water to enter, creating the potential for big problems down the road. Repairs begin with an inspection, both inside and outside. You or a qualified, licensed roofing contractor should do a thorough inspection of the roof to examine the condition of several key areas. Look at the attic vents to see if there's any evidence of cracking, loose or torn screens, loose fasteners or other problems.Examine plumbing vents for worn, loose, cracked or brittle seals around pipes. Check flashings around chimneys, wood stove flues, siding intersections, skylights and other areas for evidence of loose fasteners, bending, denting, water leaks, or other issues that...