Some home defects not worth fighting sellers over

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DEAR BARRY: Ever since I bought my home, the shower has drained slowly. From time to time, I've had to use drain cleaner. But recently, it has gotten really bad, so I finally called a plumber. He said the drain is blocked with concrete and there is no way to get it out.I called three other plumbers, but they said the same thing. The recommended repair involves tearing out the shower pan because the house is built on a concrete slab. My home inspector said nothing about this when I was buying the home, so I assume the previous owner used drain cleaner before the inspection.Is there any way to fix this without tearing out the shower pan and replacing the drainpipe? --Derek DEAR DEREK: If several plumbers have come to the same conclusion, a new drain line is most likely what you need. However, it may be possible do this without tearing out the shower pan. The procedure for doing this would be unusual, so ask your plumbers about the feasibility of this suggestion. Step 1: Remo...