Seniors’ reverse mortgage experiences mostly positive

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John Marttila has seen his share of slam-dunk winners and woeful losers. The leader of Boston-based Marttila Strategies, a public-opinion research firm, has worked for a wide variety of elected officials in all regions of the United States, including Vice President Joe Biden, former presidential candidate John Kerry, Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, and other members of the U.S. House and Senate.The company also was employed to measure and promote numerous successful ballot issues around the country. But seldom has his research produced a more satisfied contingent as those his company polled regarding their experiences with reverse mortgages. While the financial product received a black eye for early versions that included an equity share with the lender, Marttila Strategies' recent survey revealed that today's seniors are extremely happy with their reverse loans. "Rarely does a research program provide such decisive results as this one has," Marttila told Lew...