Beware of roofing contractor’s apparent swindle

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DEAR BARRY: Last summer, we hired a contractor to put a new roof on our leaky garage. When he was finished, the final cost was higher than the original estimate because the contractor had to remove the old layers of roofing. Months later, the first rain came and the roof leaked in several places.We called the roofer, and he did some patching. Again, the rains came, and there were more leaks. He did more repairs, but again, the roof continued to leak. Now he blames the layout of the roof and wants more money for further repairs. We checked his contract, and there is no stated warranty. It just lists the work to be done. What can we do to resolve this situation? --Christine DEAR CHRISTINE: Everything you have said about this contractor raises doubts about his qualifications and integrity. First, he should have known that there were multiple roof layers when he bid on the job. You should not have had to pay extra to remove the existing material. Second, he knew the layout of...