Homeowner faces dilemma after water well discovery

In many cases, expensive sealing, replumbing can be avoided

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DEAR BARRY: The plumbing for my house is connected to the municipal water system, but there is an old artesian well in the basement that is pumped to a hose faucet in the yard. When I bought the property two years ago, neither my real estate agent nor the home inspector said anything about the well being a problem. One year later, the city water department sent an inspector to check our water system. He informed us that a well within city limits was against code and had been for 10 years. We are now faced with a $3,000 bill to have the well sealed and the outside faucet replumbed. My question is: Does the real estate company or the home inspector have any liability for selling a home that does not conform to city code? --Theresa DEAR THERESA: A home inspector would not be aware of ordinances that involve wells because well systems are not within the scope of a home inspection. Whether a Realtor would know about a well ordinance is uncertain. However, an agent who is com...