Tenant endures retaliation for ‘fix-it ticket’

Rent it Right

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Q: Last week some inspectors from the city asked to come into my apartment and check for code compliance. I said OK, and they found a few violations (stuff I'd asked my landlord to fix many times). I understand that they gave my landlord a "fix-it ticket," and he did the work. But he was annoyed with me for letting them in; he said I should've said "no," and told him about the visit. He claims he would have fixed the problems right away, but now he has a "record." He's asked me to move when my lease is up. Is there anything I can do about that? --Sheri L. A: Your landlord appears to be retaliating against you for consenting to an inspection by city authorities. He is correct in one respect: You probably could have refused to let the inspectors in. But whether he can legally retaliate against you is another matter. From what you have told us, this inspection appears to be one that was not supported by a search warrant -- an order, signed by a ju...