Mortgage help for homeowners with hospitalized child

Bankers group to support charity in 3 new US locations

Last autumn, Mortgage Bankers Association President and CEO David Stevens announced that his organization had created a new, nonprofit entity -- MBA Open Doors Foundation -- to be the umbrella operating unit for all the MBA's philanthropic activities. The first charity the MBA chose to support was Spare Key, a Bloomington, Minn., nonprofit that helps families with critically ill or injured children by making a mortgage payment on their behalf. "Helping families who are current on their mortgage but under incredible financial pressure while dealing with the hardest emotional challenge a parent could ever have is just the right thing to do," said Sarah Tinsley Demarest, executive director of the MBA's new charitable group."Parents want to be with their child, but they also want to hold on to their home. This gift allows a parent to do that, so they don't fall behind on their mortgage." Demarest added, "It's for parents who are maxed out on taking leave...