48-hour bedbug rule may not fly

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Q: I've just signed a lease that has a clause about bedbugs. It says that I must report any evidence of bedbugs in my apartment within 48 hours of seeing it, and that if I don't, I'll be responsible for the cost of getting rid of them.The lease also makes me agree to inspection without prior notice, when the purpose is to check for an infestation. Are these legal provisions? --Marcus D. A: Like many landlords, your landlord is getting serious about detecting and getting rid of bedbugs. He may have had trouble in the past with tenants who had the problem but failed to report it.Some tenants think they can handle it on their own; some are afraid of retaliation if they inform the landlord; and some are just in denial or too embarrassed to bring it up. The consequence of delay is often a building-wide infestation, which is a huge problem for other residents and the owners. Your landlord's idea of holding you responsible for eradication costs if you fail to report an infestation...