Taking on roommate comes with risk

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Q: Although I'd been renting a house for several years by myself, I recently got a roommate to help make ends meet after my employer cut my hours. Everything started out OK and we mutually signed a month-to-month rental agreement that established certain house rules: take off shoes indoors; no smoking in the house; no peeing on the toilet seat, et al. But pretty quickly it was evident the arrangement was not working out. I have tried to talk with this person and got nothing but attitude. The next time I tried to send him a text message requesting a little dignity and compliance with the house rules, but the response I got was so aggressive and vile that I had to call the police. The police told me this is a civil matter, but I did take this opportunity to serve a 30-day written notice to vacate. I tried to politely ask the roommate to leave immediately, but he claims that he has an attorney who says he should fight the legality of the 30-day notice as being improper even...