Landlord may object to tenant subletting to tourists

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Q: I rent an apartment in a great location in a tourist-heavy city. Frequently, big events come to town, like sports events, conventions and festivals, which attract many visitors, some of whom would prefer to live in an apartment rather than a hotel. I'm planning on moving in with a friend for a few weeks next summer and renting my place to these tourists. I can earn a lot of money from this. Besides a risk to my belongings, is there any downside to this plan? --Randy S. A: Before placing your ads, you might take a look at your lease. If it's even half-way comprehensive, it will have a "no subletting without consent" clause. That clause is intended to prevent tenants from turning their rental over to someone else for a period of time (or renting out part of it while they still live there) without the landlord's consent. Violating the clause is typically grounds for termination and (if necessary) eviction. Landlords regularly use these clauses for tw...