Choosing the right adhesive for your project

7 common types explained

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If you’ve wandering the aisles at a home center or hardware store looking for "glue," you probably found that that once-simple word isn’t quite so simple any more. Modern technology has given the do-it-yourselfer an amazing selection of adhesives for just about any material and application you can think of. That makes getting good results on your next home project that much easier, providing you select the right one. So here’s a guide to some of the more common adhesives you’re likely to encounter, and where they’re best used:

White glue: One of the most common and safest glues, it is often referred to by one of its most common trade names: Elmer’s Glue. It bonds to wood, paper, cardboard, cloth, and a wide variety of other porous and semiporous materials. It’s easy to use and clean up, with a long working time, and is ideal for light-duty, interior repairs.