Can I trust my home inspector?

Suspicions arise over inability to prove ASHI membership

DEAR BARRY: Before I bought my home, I hired a professional home inspector, but he did not do a very thorough job. This week I asked him to show proof that he is in good standing as a member of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). But he has refused to provide any documentation. Do I have any recourse against this inspector? –Andrew

DEAR ANDREW: If the home inspector claims to be a member of ASHI, you can verify this by visiting the association’s website at Click on "Find an Inspector" and type in his name. He either is or is not a member. However, home inspector associations such as ASHI do very little in the way of policing the professionalism of members. Unless someone fails to pay dues or does not participate in ongoing education, it is unlikely that the membership status would be adversely affected.