Sellers, take a hike during showings

While meeting buyers in person can have positive impact, many say it impedes process

My wife would be a terrific salesperson. She presents in a logical, intelligent manner and typically arrives at a satisfactory compromise long before others even know one is needed. It's simply not in her makeup to knowingly make a false statement, and she has an uncanny way of making complete strangers feel instantly comfortable. So, when I saw a real estate agent's checklist to make sure "the seller is not around" when a potential buyer came to tour our home, it made me stop and wonder. Never? "We always say that every house has only one owner," said Elinor Smith, associate broker for Coldwell Banker. "When the owner is home, the buyer can't really come and take it all in as an owner would. At some point in the process, the new buyers should absolutely be in the home by themselves." Smith said when the sellers are home and happen to be gathered in a room (perhaps a sleepy collegian home for the weekend) buyers tend to forget, or discount, t...