Stop foundation issue from killing sale

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DEAR BARRY: We bought our home last year. It was a fixer-upper, but our home inspector found no major problems. After spending $75,000 on renovations, we put it on the market and had a buyer in just three days. But the buyer's home inspector found a foundation problem that our inspector had missed. We called our home inspector. He looked under the house again and said he saw no problem. So the buyer canceled the deal. We had the foundation repaired by an engineering firm and found new buyers. Coincidentally, they hired the same inspector as the previous buyer. He said the foundation problem had been repaired, but the buyers were spooked and canceled the deal again. I would not have purchased this home if my home inspector had found the foundation problem. He worked for a nationally reputable firm, so I thought he would do a good job. What can I do to resolve this situation? --Brian DEAR BRIAN: Before answering your question, something should be said about your choice of...