What to know when inspecting heat, air conditioning on a hot day

Sellers question reliability of findings after contractor finds blown fuse

DEAR BARRY: Our buyers hired a home inspector. When he was here, the outside temperature was 105 degrees. After he tested the heating and air conditioning system, the outside condenser stopped working, and that night our house got up to 91 degrees. Our HVAC contractor found a blown fuse in the condenser, and he said the inspector might not have followed "standard power cycle procedures." Because of this, we question the inspector's report on our system. His report says, "The furnace data plate indicates a temperature rise of 45-75 degrees. When tested, the rise was approximately 35.9 degrees. This is not within the manufacturer's recommendations. Routine maintenance by a qualified HVAC contractor is advised." Is this finding reliable, and can temperature rise be reliably measured when the summer temperature is above 100 degrees? --Irene DEAR IRENE: It's highly unusual for a home inspector to test the temperature rise in a forced-air heating system, b...