Carport’s condition creates test of wills

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DEAR BARRY: We just accepted a purchase offer on our home. The buyers' home inspection report says the carport roof and many of the framing members under the roof need to be replaced. We agreed to pay for these repairs and obtained a contractor's bid of $1,700. The buyers then decided that they would tear down the carport once they own the property and build a new garage in its place. But now they are requesting a credit of $1,700, the amount we would have paid had they kept the carport. Since they plan to demolish the carport, it is right that we should have to pay this money? --Mark DEAR MARK: Negotiating the terms of a real estate transaction is often like playing a game of chess. You never know what strategies the other player has in mind or how they will respond to your moves. If the buyers plan to replace the carport, the condition of the roof and framing should be irrelevant. But human nature being what it is, people often feel that they are not getting a good deal ...