When hiring contractor, be a ‘tough customer’

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This is a cautionary tale. The moral of this story is when a homeowner hires a contractor, it's incumbent on him or her to oversee the work and call any problems to the contractor's attention immediately. There are no dumb questions, and don't stop asking until you're satisfied with the answer. This hit close to home recently. A friend of ours sells books to school libraries. Because of the lousy economy and because the book market is going more and more digital, her income is shrinking along with her sales. The company is in the midst of restructuring, and our friend fully expects that she and many other salespeople are about to be unemployed. Anticipating what seems to be the inevitable, our friend is tightening her belt and getting her condo ready to sell. She sought our advice on what to do. We told her she needed to redo her small master bathroom, add some fresh paint, make some minor repairs, declutter, and clean, clean, clean. Then put it on the market and hope for t...