When breaking ‘house rules’ is OK

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DEAR BENNY: I manage a condominium property where a previous board of directors had put in the appendix that when changes are made to the rules they must be submitted to the members for input prior to being passed and going into effect. At a board meeting it was stated that someone in the building was upset because the manager (me) was parking in the front of the building instead of in the space in the rear of the building that was designated for the manager. I informed the people present that I was parking in front of the building because we are in the middle of a fan coil and riser replacement project and the workmen needed my space in the back. I then stated that the board had the authority to allow the violation of any house rule that was not derived from the declaration or bylaws because, although it is admirable and probably politically savvy to get input from the community prior to amending the house rules, it was legally not necessary since the bylaws clearly gi...