Desperately seeking high-end buyers in Costa Rica

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Recently, I was working on my computer when a Skype call bleeped through. I switched over to Skype and answered in video-call format. On my screen popped up Tor Prestgard, a fellow I profiled a year ago in a story about Costa Rica home markets. At the time, Prestgard was trying to sell his 30-acre coffee farm located high in the central mountains about an hour's ride from the capital city of San Jose. Back then, I had Skyped with him from his Costa Rican property. This time, we were talking France to the U.S. He had left Costa Rica so his children could attend school in France, and he and his family were happily settled in the Rhone Valley wine region. Well, not exactly real happy, because, as Prestgard told me, he was scheduled for brain surgery in a few weeks. OK, I thought, maybe I should change the subject and quickly asked him about his property. At least that should be a more salubrious subject. And it was. Prestgard had a caretaker managing the farm and was still...