Beware of inspection advice in snow country

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DEAR BARRY: I bought a second home in the mountains to use as a ski lodge and summer getaway. It has a flat roof, so I asked my home inspector if that would be OK in snow country. He assured me it was more than capable of draining and holding the snow. After we moved in, there was a big snowstorm. The roof sagged, ice formed over the roof drains, and we had major leakage and interior wall damage. My homeowners insurance covered the interior damage but not replacement of the faulty roof. The home inspector has insurance for errors and omissions, but the insurer denied my claim, saying the inspector could not have known the roof would leak. If the insurance companies won't cover the faulty roof, what recourse do I have? --John DEAR JOHN: The purpose of a roof inspection is not simply to determine if a roof will leak. There are many roof issues that warrant attention regardless of whether there is leakage. Among these are conditions that involve potential leakage or inadequa...