Counseling keeping homeowners in their homes

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Since the onset of Great Recession and the subsequent housing crisis, hundreds of thousands of homeowners have lost their residences. However, there were also thousands of other homeowners who were close to the desperate edge but managed to make it through those trying times because they were counseled by professionals who steered them past the economic shoals. While it looks like the worst is over for homeowners, there's still much trouble in paradise and organizations that do counseling have begun to pick up the pace. In August, Fannie Mae announced it opened an extension of its Los Angeles Mortgage Help Center in the Inland Empire region to provide free education and counseling services to struggling California homeowners. Fannie Mae now has 12 Mortgage Help Centers around the country. Meanwhile, earlier in the summer, the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) launched a telephone counseling program aimed at helping homeowners in six states who are facing foreclosure. Acco...