Going to extremes for defect resolution

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DEAR BARRY: When we bought our house, the home inspector found nothing wrong with the heating system. One month after moving in, we turned on the furnace but got no heat on the second floor. We immediately complained to the inspector. He came back to the house and said that nothing was wrong. A year has gone by, and the problem has not been solved, so we hired another home inspector. He found many defects that were overlooked by the first inspector, including a disconnected heat duct to the second floor. The first inspection was warranted for one year only. Now that the year has passed, what can we do? --Corey DEAR COREY: You complained to your home inspector one month after buying the property. That was well within the one-year limit. The fact that the inspector did not acknowledge the problem at that time is irrelevant. Your claim was made within the first year, so the inspector is not relieved of liability. If the inspector is unwilling to admit his mistake, you can fi...