3 steps to building mortgage-worthy credit

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Q: I want to buy my dream home, but it's not easy. I need to have great credit, and I don't have any credit at all! Where I live, there are lots of houses on the market for cheap. I have the income and a good job, but my lack of credit is the problem. Any advice? Q: I'm a real estate agent, and I often work with young adults who have graduated from school, have good income, but no credit. What is your advice for them to help build a strong credit record so they can qualify for a mortgage? A: Establishing credit is an issue that faces every single person who wants to buy a home at some point in their lives. Many of us Gen X and Yers dealt with the issue less than consciously by creating credit on autopilot, just in the course of getting through college and otherwise launching our lives. Even 10 or 15 years ago, it was extremely common for young people to take out student loans, car loans and basic credit cards well before they sought to buy a home, unwittingly building a cr...